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Thursday, June 28, 2007

My thoughts about this great techno camp

In this camp i learned so much about technology. i think the stuff we learned was really cool. i am so proud that i came here. i would do this as many times as i could. i know so much more about computers and technology than i did 4 weeks ago.

thank you so much teachers for teaching me and the class so much stuff.
hope to see u in the fall or in the summer.!!!!!!!!<>!


in the blog talk radio we learned on how to make our own little radio station on the internet.

i learned alot and i thought it was cool and fun

i would like to learn more about it too

my radio

Video-game developement

In video game developement we learned how to make the basic structure for a good game.

first we made our own sounds
then we saved them onto the computer
then we put the sounds how we wanted to in dark basic pro.

i really thought it was cool, i would like to learn so much more about video-game developement.

Monday, June 25, 2007

sound editing

we learned how to make sound shapes and lines.
we learned how to edit the sound that we saved on to the computer.
we learned how to make sessions and how to make the sound different noises.
all of it was a blast and i would like to learn more about on sound.

Friday, June 22, 2007

we learned more about how to edit footage what we shot the day before. it was very interesting to use mac again and i felt like i wanna do more with editing.
i think video editing is really cool.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


at REAL FX we saw many thing we saw a coompletely silent sound room which was really cool, long time since i have heard nothing.

i saw a room just filled with server boxes (sweeeet).
real long wires too they said it was over five miles long.

real cool place and the make videos and sound...

programming with alice

Alice is a program that lets you creat 3d animations using different chracters.

with alice i used a dinosaur and a turtle and i made the dinosaur it the turtle or it could run away to live.

Alice is a interesting programmin and i bet you could make some reall good videos tooo.

Friday, June 15, 2007

voice over ip

What are the benefits of Skype and how can you use it? the benefits of skype is to call computers and talk to your friends that could be somewhere where it is hard to reach them by the phone. you can use skype to call phones too if you decide to pay for a monthly service.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

what we learned in internet security

What are the IT Security measures to protect yourself? we use many things to keep our computers safe. we use firewalls and many programs to keep us safe

internet security

what we learned in smart home technology

i learned about how many things we use with computers and what are the uses of them.

home technology

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hardware troubleshooting

How am I different now that I have learned about hardware and troubleshooting?

i now know more about the hardware and the stuff in the computer than i did before!

hardware help

Friday, June 8, 2007

What we learned in Flash

I mostly enjoyed making the drawing move and watch the monkey move.

Nothing really confuses me about flash if you put the right things with the right stuff it all fallas into place.

I want to learn more about on how to making bigger objects move more.

I think that this technology will help s make more movies easier.


What we learned in Dream weaver

I mostly enjoyed the part on making a website.

Making a site come together confuses me the most.

I want to learn more about on how to make the site.

Dreamweaver will help us make sites look better and more efficient too.


What we did in photoshop

I enjoyed putting the images together to make a cool looking banner.

Nothing confuses me with photoshop for me it is the easiest thing for me.

I want to learn more on how to make photos look more like art.

I think photoshop will help us make images look better and to make movies and other art look good.


Monday, June 4, 2007

Technology has come far from what it was long time ago. Technology has helped us in many ways like helping us make cars on the assembly line. computers have made a big difference in our lives. they have made it easier to calculate things. no days computers can calculate things faster than we can think. One thing that has helped us is things called servers. Servers have many uses in the computer industry. when someone wants to play a game with a number of other people around the world someone can create a server that anyone can get on and then they can play games with whoever they want. one thing that people love about computers is the cases. they can come in different sized and many colors. people love to customize them with, lights,fans,power cords and the case itself.



About Me

My name is Austin.
I go to the Winston school.
I will be going into the 11th grade.
My favorite food is Sushi.
My best thing I like to do for fun is gaming on the PC.
If I could travel anywhere in the world I would go to I would go to Costa Rica And Hawaii to scuba dive.
If I had plenty of money and could do anything with it, I would donate some money to a cancer donation and a buy a nice house as well as buy a good computer.
One thing about me that is unique that I want the class to know is that I am good with computers and like to scuba.
I am taking this class at El Centro College